Pretest Driving Lessons is a site that provides information on Pretest Driving Lessons at all Irish Driving Test Centre’s including Tallaght, Mulhuddart and Finglas. Our Featured Driving Instructors have helped thousands of pupils pass their driving test in Tallaght, Finglas, Dun Laoghaire, Mulhuddart and Naas as well as all 51 Irish Driving Test Centre’s around the country.


Each month we feature a driving school that has an excellent track record in providing Pretest Driving lessons in Ireland. Any Driving School in Ireland who would like to be featured can fill in the form below and the winner will be announced at the start of each month.


What is a Pretest Driving Lesson?

There is some confusion about what a Pretest Driving Lesson is and how it differs from a standard driving lesson or an EDT Driving lesson. In simple terms, on a Pretest Driving lesson you will be told everything you need to know to pass the driving test at the first (or next) attempt. Most Pretests involve the following Format:

Pretest 1 : Identify Faults

Put simply, this is to identify everything you are doing wrong and will need to correct before going to Tallaght Driving Test Centre for your test. 90% of all faults tend to fall under 5 categories : Progress. Controls, Reaction to Hazards, Position and Progress. Anything outside of this that may incur a fault on your test will be highlighted also

Pretest 2: Correct Faults

More often than not, a pupil on a Pretest Driving Lesson will know what their bad habits are. What they may not be aware of is how to correct them. This is where the quality of the Pretest Driving Instructor is so important. A good driving instructor will be able to explain how to drive in the correct way and avoid making any mistakes that risk a fault on the driving test.

Pretest 3: Mock Test

Once the test candidate has reached the standard to pass the driving test it is important to see if this standard can be replicated under driving test conditions. There is no denying that nerves can play a part on the driving test so the best way to overcome them is to practice under test conditions. The driving test candidate will not only gain experience of driving under test conditions but also be made aware of the severity of various aspects of their driving that they may not have deemed important previously.

Pretest 4: Final Drive

By the day of the driving test the hard work will have been done and the pupils will have reached the standard to pass the driving test. So many people fail the driving test as they drive differently to how they drove previously on driving lessons. The aim of the lesson on the day of the driving test is to confirm to the pupil that they are driving at the appropriate standard and are in no doubt that if they drive the same way on the test itself they will pass.

Driving Test Car Hire

If you do not have access to a car for your driving test don’t worry as a number of Driving Schools in Tallaght rent out their car for the purposes of the driving test. You can see a list of what Driving Schools operate this service on our Driving Test Car Hire page.

If you are looking for a Driving Test Car Hire we recommend contacting the chosen Driving School as soon as you get your driving test date as places can be limited and most driving schools book out at least 2 weeks in advance. Most Driving Schools will require you to meet for a Pretest Driving Lesson in the days or weeks before your driving test in order to satisfy themselves you are at a safe enough standard to drive the car and will reserve the right to refuse permission to use their car if necessary.Ireland 


Featured Driving School

Pinnacle Driving School have over 15 Years Experience providing Pretest Driving Lessons in Mulhuddart and Tallaght with Excellent Results

Pinnacle Driving School are a long established Driving School in Dublin and have been in operation since 2006. They have excellent reviews on their Facebook and Google pages and are a regular feature at the Tallaght Driving Test Centre. Pinnacle offer the following:


1 Hour Pretest Driving Lesson : 45
3 Hours Pretest Driving Lessons and Driving Test Car Hire : €200
Driving Test Car Hire (Includes meeting 80 minutes beforehand for a 1 hour Driving Lesson) €120


To Book a Pretest Driving Lessons with Pinnacle Driving School please visit their website or call 01 455 9231 or email


You can also book a Pretest Lesson online